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Tips & Cleaning

Butterfly Galaxy Cleaning Tips

Butterfly Galaxy Cleaning Tips

Keeping your Pussy In A Can male masturbation devices clean is the most important step to owning a premium male masturbation sex toy.

Here are a few simple tips from Butterly Galaxy on cleaning your male sex toys after each use

If not thoroughly cleaned, your sex toy’s gel sleeve becomes a breeding ground for bacterial growth and germs, which is a big NO!!

Using an uncleaned Pussy In A Can male sex toy is not only unhygienic but can also give you an infection and make you ill, if not cleaned and taken care of properly after each use.

When cleaning your male masturbation sex toy, many are inclined to use soaps, cleaning agents and disinfectants. You want to make sure that you clean your male sex toy with nothing more than running warm water through the gel sleeve.

Any kind of soaps, chemicals or disinfectants will deteriorate the gel sleeve and its realistic skin-feel over time. This will cause your Pussy In A Can male sex toy to become unusable and will eventually need replacing.

Best approach?

The best method is to use nothing but warm running tap water to clean the gel sleeve, its plastic casing and all its accessories.

Easy-to-follow male sex toy cleaning tips:

  • Once done, thoroughly rinse out the gel sleeve by running warm water through one end of the sleeve for ~15 seconds and repeat from the other end.
  • Then, close off one end and fill it with warm water from the other and shake vigorously to completely and thoroughly clean out the sleeve. Run water through one end once more and allow to completely dry.
  • Rinse off the plastic enclosure and its accessories (caps, mounts, sponge etc) under warm running water. Though the vibrating bullet included with the Sexerciser male masturbator is water resistant, it’s best just to wipe it down with a damp cloth.
  • Once all is clean, allow all the components to completely dry before reassembling your Pussy In A Can male masturbation sex toy. Reassembling your male sex toy whilst it is still wet and full of moisture will create mould and promote bacterial growth. It’s important that everything is dry, without placing any of the components in direct sunlight.

Butterfly Galaxy Top Tips

Butterfly Galaxy Top Tips

Just like most things in life, everything needs a little care and maintenance. Your Pussy In A Can make sex toys are no different!

In particular, the internal realistic skin-feel gel sleeve needs to be washed properly following the guide above.

This ensures the gel sleeve will retain its same good looks, shape and texture.

Top Tips for caring for your Pussy In A Can:

  • If the gel sleeve feels like it’s lost or is starting to lose its natural feeling or softness, try applying a little cornstarch/maize-starch/cornflour to the outer parts of the gel sleeve and it’ll soften it up like new!
  • To add a sense of realism, place the gel sleeve into hot water first to warm it up before use. Also, you can warm up your preferred lubricant by adding it to the same hot water.
  • It is strongly recommended to only use water-based lubricants, as any alcohol or perfume-based lubricant will deteriorate the gel sleeve over time.